Collection: Herb Seeds

Why Herbs plant need to be there in your garden or in your balcony? In this more crowded world consumption or demand of vegetables and other edible things have been raised. So for productions of all these necessary items  should be frequent and sufficient. Without chemical using, the production can not complete the demand of all, so most or almost every veggies is grown by using chemicals  which helps plants to grow faster and helps to produce more so that farmers can harvest more and more  from their land. Also food item like junk foods contain bad fat and cholesterol which affect your health at a major extent. To minimize the health issues consumption of herbs according to their role in different ways could be the best way as every have some special  benefits. You can grow herbs in balcony and in your lawn for easily accessible and of its frequent use so that you can keep your health fit and keep all health problems a feet away from you.
Seed and Plant provides you the best quality seeds online. You can grow your favorite herbs from seed and can add it in your food and love the aroma also. Buy herbs online  from our range of collections at seed and plant. Herbs in addition to taste and aroma comes with immense health benefits. They do not need large space and can be grown near to windows which gets 4-6 hours of sunlight or your balcony. Herbs are the flowering and leaf of the plant  either they are fresh or dried. Herbs plays a vital role in different uses like culinary, medicinal uses and for fragrances also. Perennial herbs are like thyme, rosemary, sage, lavender. Herbs used for culinary purposes just  for garnish or giving flavor to  food but not as a substances in your vegetables. Tisane or herb tea made from  herbs are very useful for ones health. most liked herbs are Oregano, Thyme Rosemary, German Chamomile, Parsley,  Sage, Mint, Dill and Basil's variety, Celery, Cress common, etc.