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Coriander Seeds - Hybrid Seeds

Coriander Seeds - Hybrid Seeds

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Seeds quantity : 450 (Approx.)

An Indian favorite used most commonly and grown in small spaces.

This herbs can be used in drink like aam panna to pakoda or taste garnishing of vegetables.

How to grow Coriander Seeds?

1.Just break the coriander seeds you receive from us into two halves.(Simple press using both hand or light press between hard surfaces)

2. Soak the halves pieces of coriander for 1 day in water (helps better grmination).

3.  Use loose and well drained soil media to sow the seeds of coriander.

4. Spread the  coriander seeds over the soil media. Apply thin cover seeds with  same  loose and well drained soil or simply sow in the soil 0.5inch depth.

5. Water the soil gently and properly, care should be taken dont apply force of water to irrigate it may displace the seeds from their original place.

6. Wait for 8-10days and germination starts. You can get the coriander leaves ready to harvest after 25 days.

7.Enjoy your harvest. Break the head once for better yield.

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Lal Krishna
Got more quantity than i expected

good quantity in this case


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