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Celery-Open Pollinaton Seeds

Celery-Open Pollinaton Seeds

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Pack of celery seeds contains:

Quantity of seeds - 400

Seed Sowing Month in India:

  • Celery seeds are best sown indoors about 10 to 12 weeks prior to the anticipated last frost date, usually around late winter to early spring, depending on the specific region and local climate variations in India.

What Are The Benefits of Celery?

  • Celery,  vitamins (such as), and potassium, offers digestive support, anti-inflammatory properties, and hydration, making it a valuable addition to the Indian diet.
  • This herbal plant is rich in antioxidants, vitamin K and vitamin C
  • celery provides good digestive support.
  • It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

What Are The Uses of Celery Seeds:

  • Apart from cultivation celery seeds are used in Indian cuisine as a spice and flavoring agent,
  • Because of its aromatic properties, it spread aroma.
  • Celery is added to pickles, curries, and spice blends,
  • Celery leaves are used for enhancing the taste of various dishes.

Suitable Soil for Indian Conditions:

  • For successful growth of celery in India, celery seeds thrive in well-draining, fertile soil enriched with organic matter.Loamy soil types with good moisture retention are ideal, ensuring proper growth even in Indian climates.

Sowing Celery Seeds in India:

  • Begin celery cultivation by sowing seeds indoors in seed trays or small pots filled with nutrient-rich potting mix, ensuring a sowing depth of approximately 1/8 inch for optimal germination.

What should be the Spacing celery plants for Indian Conditions?

  • When transplanting outdoors, space celery seedlings around 8 to 10 inches apart within rows spanning approximately 18 inches apart, considering Indian climate conditions for healthy growth.

Watering Requirements in India:

  • Moisture level should be maintained, especially during germination and growth phases, is. Adequate watering ensures the soil remains evenly moist for robust development. Excess water leads water logging should be avoided.

Harvesting Time in Indian Climate:

  • Celery leaves are generally harvested after 3-4 months after transplanting outdoor.

Careful measures to be taken for celery plant.

  • Use optimum fertilizer or compost to enrich the soil.
  • Consider mulching to regulate soil temperature and moisture, particularly in varying Indian climate conditions.
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