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Ashwagandha Herb - Open Pollination Seeds

Ashwagandha Herb - Open Pollination Seeds

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What Will You Have In The Product of Herb Ashwagandha Seed?

Seed quantity- 200.

Time Of Sowing: Best season to sow the Ashwagandha Seed is Late Rainy season.

Why to have Ashwagandha Plant In Your Home Garden?

  • There are many health benefits of herb Ashwagandha plant. It plays a vital role in curing many diseases.
  • This Ayurvedic plant ashwagandha gear up one's immunity. 
  • Beacuse of the today's junk foods and oils consuming heavy cholesterol are getting collected in our body which may cause bigger health issues. For this ashwagandha helps to lowers cholesterol problem.
  • This medicinal plant helps to maintain the Sugar levels in our body.
  • Beacuse of the busiest life nowadays every one is suffering from work pressure, stress and anxiety. This Ayurvedic plant ashwagandha helps to reduce depression stress and anxiety for such people who have lot of stresses and anxiety in his or her  working life.
  • Ashwagandha herb helps to sharpen memory 
  • Having ashwagandha provides  healthy reproductive system in male and female also.
  • It improves memory power.
  • Cancer cells growing in our body is prevented by the use of Ashwagandha.
  • This ayurvedic plant ashwagandha also play a good role in swelling and pain.

What Are The Different Names Of Ashwagandha In India?

Asgandh, Ajagandh, Nagouri Asgandh, Punir Winter Cherry, Poison Gooseberry, Indian Ginseng, Amukara, Amukira, Asuragandi, 

When Ashwagandha herb is sown In India?

  • Best time to cultivate  ashwagandha herb seed is at the quick start of rainy season when the temperature is around 20°C-38°C.
  • It is a drought-tolerant plant and grows in dry soil, once established.

Soil Conditions And Soil Type Required For Growing Ashwagandha Plant In India:

  • Good well drained soil is very important requirement for growing ashwaga0ndha plants in you home balcony or in your terrace gardening. If you have soil present water retaining soil then change the property of your soil by adding sand and organic manure to you soil so as to get good well drained soil. If the soil present is sandy  and light red soil with good drainage is best for the ashwagandha cultivation.
  • PH of Soil: pH of soil for growing ashwagandha seed and plant should vary from 7.5-8 

Temperature Requirement In India for ashwagandha plant:

  • Ashwagandha grows best when your area temperature ranges between 70F-95F (20°C-35°C). 
  • When the temperature is below this given temperature it's growth will be slow. Moreover ashwagandha herb plant can tolerate a minimum temperature of 10°C.

Sunlight Requirement For Sowing Ashwagandha Seeds.

  • It is always better to locate the ashwagandha  to a dry and sunlight place of your garden or balcony.

Sowing Process For Ashwagandha Plant In India:

  • Sow the ashwagandha seeds  2 cm deep in the soil and maintain the spacing of 10 cm between the seeds if you are going to grow this herbal plant outside.
  • You can  make the seedings in pot and can get the seedlings indoor and then the  ashwagandha seedlings can be transplanted outside.
  • After the sowing of  ashwagandha seeds water them properly  to moist the soil but don't overwater which may displace the seeds from their sown position.

Germination Time of Ashwagandha seeds

  • Time required for germiantion of ashwagandha seeds should be between 14-21 days.

Transplanting Time of ashwagandha seedlings:

  • When you can see  your ashwagandha plants height  reaches  to 4 inches, you can transplant ashwagandha seedling to  bigger pot or to your outside garden. While translating of ashwagandha plant care should be taken that soil should be well drained and stem of the plant should not be suppressed into the soil.

Precautions To Be Taken For Ashwagandha Plant In India:

Make sure to provide holes in you pot or grow bag if they don't have.

  • Good amount if sunlight is necessary for its good growth.
  • Watering should be done properly. Don't provide too much water to this drought resisting plant.
  • While transplanting  the plant take the   surrounding soil attached with the plant, don't pull out the plant only from the soil to transplant  in another pot or grow bag.
  • Use organic compost or manure to maintain soil richness but  avoid use of any kind of chemical fertilizer as the root of this herbal plant is used by the people for their ayurvedic treatment.
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Ninad Gaikar
Great plant seed

Thank you seed and plant all plant seeds grow up in some days so thankfull giving me genenue seeds


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