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Our Story... 

We sell Vegetable seeds🥦🥕🌽, Flower seeds🌸🌺🌻🌹🌷🌼💐, Herbs seeds 🌿, Microgreen seeds along with this we work hard to supply the best quality product for you. 


OUR life is changing fast as we live in city and but we may not be having the healthy vegetable to eats or a natural environment easy available to de-stress ourselves after long day of work. Gardening can be a big stress reliever you can give a try. 

On health point the vegetables in our kitchen may be over-pesticide  or over-fertilized and full of harmful chemicals as comes in various studies. Such things probably may cause health issue sooner or a little late.


So to overcome this problem, If we grow some of our food derived from our garden we can control these problems. Our job is the first step in this direction. 

Growing  healthy vegetables on terrace or in balcony or in your campus is quite easy. We make this more easier by providing all the seeds along with Grower kits and needs for you at minimal cost.

The seeds available are garden seeds which you can sow to get the produce after few weeks, microgreen seeds which gets ready in few days to consume and the sprouts seed which is the quickest among threes'.

All being healthy comes in varieties all on our website which you can order as per your choice.

Explore more in section to make life and environment green with positive feels of nature's touch.

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