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Cress Common - Open Pollination Seeds

Cress Common - Open Pollination Seeds

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What Will You Have In The Product?

Seeds quantity- 200.

Germination time- 10 to 18 days ( winter).

Why You Should Have Cress Common In Your Diet?

  • Other names of this herbal plant is  Garden Cress,
  • Pepperwort, Pepper grass, Poor man's pepper, Asario.
  • Chandrashoor, and in marathi  its seeds are called as alliv in marathi.
  • This herbal plant  contains Vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K and various minerals. So this health beneficiary plant can be eaten in raw form.⁸
  • For culinary purposes it is used in various eadible items such as soups, salad, sandwiches because of its sour or tangy taste.
  • Not only the leaves it can be eaten as sprouts also.

Different Names of Cress:

  • Various names of Cress common in India is Halim" or "Asaliya."

Benefits of Cress Common:

  • Garden cress is rich in nutrients, including vitamins A, C, and E.
  • It also contains iron, calcium, and folic acid.
  • Because if nutritional value cress is considered beneficial for improving digestion.
  • Cress common enhance immunity, and promoting overall well-being.

Culinary Uses of Fresh Cress:

  • Discover how fresh cress enhances salads, sandwiches, and soups with its peppery and tangy flavor, making it a versatile culinary⁹ ingredient.

Medical Uses and Remedies with Cress:

  • Medical Uses and Remedies with Cress:Traditional medicinal uses of cress are that it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and has potential in alleviating respiratory issues and colds.

Sowing Cress Seeds Process:

  • Below the step-by-step process of sowing cress seeds directly in well-draining soil, either in the garden or containers, with tips for maintaining consistent moisture is given:

How To Grow Cress Common seeds

  • Herb seed cress common can be grown with very easy steps.
  • Use coco peat which is a loose and good draining media.
  • Fill slightly more than half of your microgreen tray or container with coco peat.
  • Level the soil media by your hand.
  • Give a Spray of water to the filled coco peat media.
  • Now place the cress common seed over the top surface of the soil media with maintaining a distance of 6-8 inches.
  • Again spray a little amount of water over the seeds.
  • Thin cover the over the seeds should be provided with the soil media.
  • Again wet the provided soil cover with spraying water.
  • Place the tray at your south facing window so that it could get sufficient amount of sunlight as partial sunlight is required for its good germination.

Ideal Soil Type for Growing Cress Seeds:

  • Well-draining soil with a neutral to slightly alkaline pH are for optimal cress growth and also addition of organic matter enhances fertility

Sunlight Preferences for Cress Plants:

  • Sunlight requirements of cress plants should be partial shade in warmer climates and tolerance to full sun in cooler regions.

Watering Tips for Healthy Cress Plants:

  • Discover the importance of consistent moisture for cress plants, with guidelines on regular watering and avoiding waterlogged conditions to ensure thriving growth.
  • Water should be provided cosistently to the cress common palnt. Water should be done on a regualr basis but waterlogging condition should also be avoided.

Best Locations for Growing Cress Plants:

  • Choose the ideal location for growing cress, considering partial shade for regions with intense sunlight and exploring the suitability of containers for balcony or indoor gardening.

Germination Time of Cress Seeds:

  • Germination period of cress seeds may differ from 5 to 7 days,

Optimal Harvesting Time for Cress Leaves:

  • When the plats get height of 2-4inches harvesting can be done. For contiunes getting of tangy flavour of cress plant use scissors for harvesting.

Effective Care Practices for Cress Plants:

  • essential care practices for cress, includes regular watering, provision of partial shade, maintaining proper spacing between plants, and addressing pests and diseases promptly for optimal growth.





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