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Fennell Florence (Foeniculul Vulgare) Seeds

Fennell Florence (Foeniculul Vulgare) Seeds

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Quantity of seeds- 300 seeds (approx.)

Different Names of Florence Fennel Seeds in India:

  • In India Florence fennel seeds have different names like "Saunf" or"Mauri, or "sweet anise".
  • Benefits of Florence Fennel Seeds:
  • Fennel florence is a herbal plant and has it's nutritional benefits, as seeds are rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
  • So after meal fennel seeds are eaten for good digestion.
  • Fennel florence herb plant has antioxident properties also maintain overall well being.
  • Herb Fennel florence is good for respiratory health.

Culinary Use of Florence Fennel Seeds:

  • Florence fennel seeds are use to impart sweet and licorice flavour to many dishes.
  • Fennels leaves are use in salads, teas, and desserts.

Process to Cultivate Florence Fennel Seeds:

  • For indoor growing sow this herb seeds 6 weeks before the last frost of the year and provide cover by plastic before transplanting when it gains a height of 3-4 inches.
  • Temperature for cultivation of fennel florence should be warm to cool.
  • Fennel seeds can be sown directly into the garden.
  • For planting indoor use a deep pot (at least 12 inches pot), so that the fennel roots have enough space to support.
  • Planting more than one Fennell Florence in this size of pot may reduce the growth of big bulb.
  • Soil for sowing of Fennell Florence seeds should be well drained and fertile. Use compost with soil before planting the seeds.
  • Then seed to seed distance of this herbal plant should be about 10 - 18 inch apart. And depth of sowing in soil should be 1/4-1/8 inch.
  • Provide moderate watering to keep the soil most but not soggy or overwater as to leads to root rotting of the Fennell Florence herb.

Soil Type Required for Sowing Florence Fennel Seeds:

  • Florence fennel seeds gives better results in well-draining soil with a neutral to slightly alkaline pH.
  • If the soil you have is lack of this quality you can change its quality and property by adding organic manure. It will help to provide necessary nutrients and ensure optimal growing conditions.

Sunlight Requirement of Florence Fennel Plants:

  • Florence fennel plants thrives in full sun conditions for better growth and the development of aromatic seeds. Good sunlight amount is responsible for flavor and overall plant health.

Water Requirement for Florence Fennel Plants:

  • This herb fennel plant needs consistent moisture but avoid waterlogging conditions. Proper hydration is crucial for supporting healthy growth and ensuring flavorful seeds.

Location to Choose for Growing Florence Fennel Plants:

  • Choose a place which recievs good amount of sunlight and has good space, and also the option of cultivating them in containers for versatility.

Germination Time of Florence Fennel Seeds:

  • Fennel florence seed take 7-14 days for germination in right condition after sowing.
  • Harvesting Time of Florence Fennel Bulbs and Seeds:
  • When the bulbs gets its maturity and mature seeds are developed you can enjoy harvesting.

Caring for Fennel Florence Plants:

  • Sunlight is a compulsory ingredinet for fennel florence.
  • To control pests pesticides can be used.
  • Apply organic manure for adding necessary nutrients in soil.
  • Don't  grow  fennel florence near dill and coriander they may affect the taste.


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