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Krishna or Shyam Tulsi Seeds

Krishna or Shyam Tulsi Seeds

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Quantity of seeds : 120+

In Which Month Krishna Tulsi Seeds Are Sown?

  • June is best time to sow krishna tuksi seeds. Depending on the climatic conditions best time to sow tulsi seeds is after summer or the begining of the monsoon. During this time warm and humid conditon is favouable for best germination of krishna tulsi seeds.

Why to have Krishna or Shyam Tulsi in your home?

  • Tulsi is a devotional plant in Hindus believe and practised for worshipping lord Vishnu and his incarnation like Krishna and Rama. 
  • This Tulsi has unique colour (purple) and it's leaves are crisp in nature and has a clove-like aroma. 
  • When this herbal plant tulsi grows its leaves catch a combined colour of green and purple and turns mostly into purple over the time.
  • It is mainly used for it's medicinal purposes like curing throat infections, respiratory system, nasal lesions, ear ache and skin diseases, prevent hair fall.
  • It can be used as a ayurvedic medicine to cure cough, comon cold, indigestion, malaria, cholera, kidney stones, asthma.
  • The oil of this krishna tulsi is used as eardrop to cure earaches.
  • Some scientific features of this medicinal plant tulsi is that it shows  antimicrobial and antiviral properties.
  • This herbal plant has immune-boosting capabilities make it a revered herb. 
  • This herbal tulsi plant helps to purify air.
  • Keeping beside form the spiritual significance. Most Indian houses have at least one tulsi plant beacuse of its ayurvedic benefts

Culinary Uses of Krishna Tulsi Leaves:

  • Krishna tulsi add a flavour to various culianry dishes.
  • The leaves of this herb tulsi is added in tea, salads, and many other dishes, to elevate the taste and smell beacuse of its aromatic propoerties.

Different Names of Krishna Tulsi In India:

  • In India Krishna Tulsi is also know as shyama tulsi relating its association with ths lord shree krishna. Scientifically it is known as Ocimum sanctum.

Procedure to sow Krishna or Shyam Tulsi Seeds:

How To Germiante Krishna Tulsi Seed In Pots and Seedling Trays?

  • Mix rich soil is best with organic manure.
  •  Using seedling tray to germinate or you can grow directly to the ground.
  • For each section of tray fill them with potting mix soil and make them moist
  • Then place 2-3 Krishna tulsi or shyam Tulsi or kali Tulsi seed in each filled tray hole.
  • This herbal plant needs bright sunlight. Avoid to place the tulsi plant where direct sunlight falls for more time. Also protect tulsi plant from frost during winter.
  • Provide medium watering when the soil upto depth of 1-2 inches get dry.
  • Wait for 14-21 days for the germination of Krishna Tulsi or Shyam Tulsi or kali Tulsi seeds.

How To Sow Krishna Tulsi Seed In Ground or Lawn?

  • To sow Krishna Tulsi seeds, prepare well-drained soil enriched with organic matter. 
  • Plant seeds at an optimal depth, ensuring adequate spacing.
  • Depth of sowing should not be more than 1/4inch to 1/8inch (3-6mm).
  • Now with the help of sprayer water the sown seeds properly it should not be overwatered, causing displacement of seeds from its original position of sowing.

Which Type Of Is Required For Growing Tulsi Plants?

  • Rich, well drained and loose soil is good for good germination and growth of krishna tulsi seeds and plants.If normal soil is available add organic matter like vegtable waste and organic mannure are also added to enhance properties and necessary nutrients in the soil. 

Water Requirement:

  • Consistent and regular watering should be maintained for krishna tulsi. Overwatering causes waterlogging should be avoided it may causes rotting of roots and can harm the plabt health. A moderate and regular watering routine supports robust growth, contributing to the overall well-being of the plant.

Sunlight Requirement:

  • Krishna Tulsi is sunlight loving plant so choose a place for growing krishna tulsi where 6-8 hours of daily sunlight. 

Ideal Location:

  • The best location for krishna tulsi plant should receive ample of sunlight with protection from wind
  • This ensures a conducive environment for the plant to flourish, balancing warmth and shelter.

In how many days krishna tulsi seeds germinates?

  • Time for the germination of krishna tulsi seeds is between 1-2 weeks.
  • After sowing of seeds and till germiantion takes place maintain optimal conditions like warmth and moisture for successful germiantion of tulsi seed.


  • Leaves of krishna tulsi can be harvested after 75-90 days when the get matured. Regualr harvesting helps to make tulsi plant more bushier.

Plant Care:

  • Protect your tulsi prants from pests and aphids.
  • During hot season provide regualr water to avoid plant forn get dry. Regular pruning promotes plant health, and applying fertilizer every 4-6 weeks supports optimal growth. 


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