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Borage - Open Pollination Seeds

Borage - Open Pollination Seeds

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What will you have in product ?

Quantity of seeds :50

Why to have Borage in your home ?

The herbal plant borage has its varient uses .

Oil from flowers seeds of borage enrich with gamma linolenic acid which may be used to reduce asthma and inflammation.

Not only it is used as a medical plant it  is also used  to not allow the the growth of weeds.

This beautiful flower plant helps to hold the water and enrich the soil.

Procedure to sow Borage Seeds:

  1. Sow the seed in spring for summer flowering or sow in the autumn for spring flowering. 
  2. Direct sow seed after the last frost for summer blossoms.                            
  3. Germination takes about 5-10 days. 
  4. Any type of soil is preferable but sandy well drained soil is best. 
  5. Space 15-18” inches apart within the row and 1/4”-1/2"deep.                        
  6. Place it in partial sunlight.
  7. Provide water regularly but don’t over water.


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