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Dill Seeds

Dill Seeds

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Seed quantity- 400

It is also called soaan.

Procedure to Sow Dill Seeds:

Best time to sow th dill seeds is after the last frost of the spring.

Sow the seed and grow it directly into the ground or directly in the container if you want to grow indoor, as dill seeds do not require transplant the dill plants.

Select a palce to sow dill seeds where it can get direct sunlight for 6-8 hours. If it is not possible to have such type of place, sow the seeds where they  can get maximum sunlight.

The soil should be mderately fertile along with well drained you can use organic manure also before sowing.

Full sunlight is more preferrable but can aalso be grown in partial shade.

Spacing between the  dill plants  provided should be 9-12" and sowing depth should be 1/4".

Try to maintain warm temperature for good germination and growth of the dill seeds.

It dont require too much watering otherwise leaves will turn yellow, but provide only when the soil feels to be dry in touch.




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