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Wild Rocket ( Diplotaxis Tenuifolia ) Seeds

Wild Rocket ( Diplotaxis Tenuifolia ) Seeds

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What will you have in product ?

Quantity of seeds : 200 (Approx).

Why to have Wild Rocket ( Diplotaxis Tenuifolia ) Seeds in your home ?

Also known as Arugula,  sand rocket, Lincoln weed, white rocket, Rucoli or Rugula,

Wild rocket is a medicinal plant so it has medicinal use also as this plant is rich in vitamins B,C,E, K and containing high level of vitamin A.

this herbal plant also contain anti-oxidants improving digestion.

This herb also reduce cancer risk.

Another advantage of this wild rocket is that it improves eye health.

For culinary use it can be used in salad, meat.

Procedure to sow Wild Rocket ( Diplotaxis Tenuifolia ) Seeds:

  1. Fertile and well-drained soil is best for the growth of this vegetable  wild Rocket. You can provide. organic fertilizer like vermicompost.   
  2. Sow the seeds about a 1/4" deep by spreading them over the well draned soil in a thin layer between thw month from April to Early September.                     
  3. Maintain a distance of 6" between the two adjacent rows.                                 
  4. This vegetable seed grows well in full to partial sunlight.                                   
  5. Provide medium watering so that the soil gets moist only when is feels the soil has been dried but not over flood.  

Planting and caring:

  • Don't over water as it makes the loss of  taste.
  • Remove the weeds between the wild rocket Plants.
  • Provide shade if you are growing it in too hot areas. and during winter season.


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