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Thyme Seeds

Thyme Seeds

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What will you have in thyme herb seed pack?

Quantity of seeds : 250 seeds 

The parts of thyme flowers,leaves and oil are used for medicinal properties.

It can be used in combination with other herbs.

In which season thyme seeds are sown in India?

The best time to grow thyme in india is from october to november. Generally thyme herb seeds in India should be grown then its the start of witner and last of auntum season.

Health benefits of herb thyme

1)Because of rich antioxidants presence it gives protection to cells from getting damage by free radicals.

2)Risk of arthritis problems is reduced beacus of its anti inflammatory properties.

3)This herbal plant helps to reduce respiratory problems like cough and congestion. Also this herb is also used in manufacturig of some cough syprups and throat lozenges.

4)Oil of herb thyme contains antibacterial and antifungal properties which helps to combat with bacteria and fungi.

5)Thyme also helps in promoting digestion and lessing indigestion problems also.

6)Thyme contains good amount of vitamines like K and C.

How to do thyme gardeing on terrace garden in india or thyme gardening in home balcony in India?

Growing thyme for small gardener is very easy but it should be according to your local area climatic conditions and the way of sowing thyme seeds in india.

Below the procedure for growing thyme in pots and ground is given here.

Which is the best location to grow thyme herb in india?

For growing this flavour adding herb the location should have this favourable conditions upto some extent.

What should be the sunlight requirement for choose a place if you are going to grow thyme on ground.

choose a place where the location gets good sunlight if you are going to grow thyme on ground or choose a window sill  to keep the pot using for grwoing thyme indoor.

You can also grow thyme in balcony if you have limited space.

Which is the best soil  for growing thyme?

Avoid waterlogging type of soil. Good well drained of with alkaline in nature of pH between 7-8 like sandy or loamy soil is good for growing thyme seeds as well as for thyme plants too. If you are lack of  good soil for growing thyme and you  are among the balcony gardener you can make your own soil of composition soil sand and vermiculite.

In which climate thyme herbal plant should be grown?Thyme plant can't be sustain in frost. So it is better to grow early of the winter.

How to sow thyme herb seeds? 

Sow the seeds 2" apart and 1/4" deep into the soil

What Spacing  should be provided between the thyme plants?

Thyme plants should have 12-24 inches apart from each other.

How watering is done for this herbal plant?

Thyme are drought tollerant. So they shouldn't be overwater which may cause rotting of roots and can damage the herb plant.


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