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Tarragon Seeds

Tarragon Seeds

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Quantity of seeds : 300 seeds approx

The best quality Tarragon Seeds for you!

Height: 2-3 feet

It should be grown in well drained soil.

It should be planted 2 to 3 feet apart to give each plant enough room to grow.

Procedure to grow Tarragon:

1. Loamy and well drained is best with organic manure.

2. Sow the Tarragon seeds about ¼” deep.

3. Provision of full sunlight is required minimum for 8 hours.

4. For growing in a pot please cover a gravel layer with ordinary potting mix soil with a small amount of garden soil and if you want to grow in a garden Care that the soil must not contain too high amount of nitrates which may cause burning of the delicate roots of Tarragon.

5. If you are willing to transplant your tarragon plant after germination please make sure to make a hole of at least 2.5cm into the ground as the roots of the tarragon is very delicate they should not get damaged. And After placing the plant into the hole gently fill the hole with the soil.

6. Provide 2-3 feet space between two consecutive tarragon plant.

7. Water the plant so that soil get moist only but not be over flooded.

8. Expect seeds germination after 10-14 days after sowing.



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