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Sweet Sponge Gourd ( Satputia) Seed (Hybrid)

Sweet Sponge Gourd ( Satputia) Seed (Hybrid)

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What Will You Have In The Product Desi Sweet Sponge Gourd?

Seeds quantity- 15

Other names: Ghiya, Jhingli, Parol, Satputia, Sweet Luffa.


Season For Sowing Vegetable Sweet Sponge Gourd Seeds/ satputia seeds:

Sweet sponge gourd seed are sown in April-May.

But depends on the temperature and climatic condition it is grown in any season throughout the India.

What Is Sweet Sponge Gourd Vegetable?

Sweet Sponge gourd is a dark green with ridged on its surface  and with tapered shaped Vegetable.

The  outer surface do not need to peeled off and the inner spongy and fleshy white part is used for coocking. But in some part of India the outer part with inner part of sweet luffa is  directly cut and cooked.

The satputia is of 2 parts firrst the outer green ridged part,second the white fleshy part with black seeds in it. 

Parol is used to prepare many desi dishes like chutney, sambhar, pakoras, raita, dal etc.

Despite of culinary use turai have many health benefits. It enhance to immunity in a body, leads to weight loss and maintain eye function.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Parol?

Ghiya Helps In Weight Loss: This healthy fibrous vegetable  has high moisture content. Because of low calorie and carbs contents it is prooved to be a weight loosing vegetable. 

Ghiya Improves digestive system: Ghiya is a vegtable which imroves digestive system upto a greater level beacuse of fibrous nature and moisture content it it.

Jhingli Boosts Immune System of Body: Gear up our body's immune system: Eating ridge gours receipe in regular diet hepls to improve immune system because of the WBC(white blood cell).

Jhingli Maintains Hydration: Eating this healthy fleshy fibrous vegetable in regular diet is very healthy. This healthy vegetable holds good amount of  water so water content in this vegetabale helps to maintain hydration in body is it ia added in your meal.

Jhingli Vegetable good for Heart Problems: Adding this healthy vegetable in meals leads to reduce the  heart problems. The fibre with potassium and magnesium present in this vegetable helps to keep heart healthy.

Sweet Sponge Gourd has Anti Inflammatory Properties: Sweet sponge gourd has inflammatory effects. In inflammation  body fight which helps to reduce heat, redness, pain and swelling. 

What Is The Process of Sowing Sweet Luffa Seeds In India?

Selection of place for sowing Sweet Sponge Gourd seeds in India: choose a place for growing satputiya vegetable where it can get good sunlight. sunlight helps to a good and healthy growth of sweet sponge gourd plant which results in good yield.

Which size of growbag is good for growing sweet gourd plant for terrace gardening? The appropriate size that should be adopted for growing ridge gourd in growbag in your terrace gardening is 18-20 inches

Soil Type Preffered For Growing Ridge Gourd : Prepapre your garden soil media by loosing 8-10 inches deeep and adding natural fertilizers if possible. For grow bag fill it with the prepared soil media. 

What Process Should Be Done Before Sowing The Turai Seeds In India: To break the dormancy of the shell of ridge gourd seeds and to get quick germination of turai seeds, seeds are soaked in water for 1 day or 24 hours prior of sowing.

Method Of Sowing Turai Seeds Into The Soil:

Loose the soil of area 1x1feet  properly and clean the grass and debries if present in the soil where the sweet sponge gourd plant is to be grown.  Make 1 inch hole in that loosen soil and sow the sweet sponge gourd seeds . You can sow 3 to 4 seeds in that loosen area. For growing ridge gourd vegetable plants in grow bags  filled with loose well drained soil  you can sow the  3 to 4 turai seeds with maintaining good distance  between the seeds. 

Provision Of Vertical Support To asweet Sponge Gourd Plant.

For better growth and establishment of parol plant vertical support near the young ridge gourd plant should be provided. Vertical support helps to good and healthy fruit harvest.

For provision of vertical support to the jhinge plant, you can provide  by making  bamboo frames.

Wire mesh can also be provided which is easily available in the market. Wire mesh support has long life and can be used for other climbers vegetable plant like sponge gourd, bitter gourd, ridge gourd, bottle gourd etc.

Water requirement for Jhingli plant?

For summer season sowing provide regular watering to the turai seeds. But during rainy season watering should be according to the plant requirement.

Insects and Pests Control Against Sweet Sponge Gourd Plant:

If you are seeing pests or insects are affecting your Ghiya Plant  one should use pesticides or insecticides. Organic pests control liquid or medicines are also available in the market to controll the pests on your plants.


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