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Sunflower Teddybear Seeds

Sunflower Teddybear Seeds

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What will you have in product ?

Quantity of seeds : 40 (Approx).

Procedure to sow Sunflower Teddybear Seeds:


North side is best for sowing  and growing the sunflower seeds and plant.

It is better to sow the sunflower seeds in  the start of the summer
( generally in the mid of April and last of May).

  1. Provide a place for sunflower where it can get a direct sunlight for at least 6 hours.
  2. Best soil for sowing should be well drained and moist soil. if you have not this type of soil is available then don't worry first loose the soil properly and then add organic manure or organic compost to make the soil rich and properly draining.
  3. If you want to germinate the seeds indoor then place the sunflower seeds in a damp paper towel in such a way that the seeds get a cover from that damp paper towel also and place that damp paper towel containing sunflower seeds in to a plastic bag.
  4. BY this way you can expect germination of seeds between 2-3 days.
  5.  But if you want to sow the sunflower seeds directly into the soil the sow the seeds at one inch depth of the the top of the soil and cover the seeds.
  6. By this way you can expect germination of seeds in 11 days.
  7. Maintain a suitable distance of the 6 inch to 12  inches between the seeds and  and about 30 inch between the rows.
  8. Provide water to get the soil moist only but not soggy.

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