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Parsely Gigante D'Italia Seeds

Parsely Gigante D'Italia Seeds

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Seeds quantity- 200

Why to have Parsley in your home ?

Parsley is a biennial plant where the climate is mild but in cold climates it becomes an annual plant.

This herb has many health benefits.

Parsley contains one of the highest amount of Myricetin ( a flavonoid which is a compound which fights against the agents that causes disease) . Adding parsley onto the meal helps to prevent skin cancer.                                                                                

Herb parsley maintains the level of vitamin K which helps to improve the bone strength and also beneficial in breast cancer. Myricetin in parsley used for curing diabetes problem.

Other medicinal uses  of parsley are in kidney stones, asthma, cough. High blood pressure.

The culinary purposes are in soups, sauces, and in vegetables also to garnish many dishes.

Procedure to sow Parsley Seeds:

  1. Parsley takes long duration to germinate nearly about 4-6 weeks so to minimize this long period of germination so to minimize this long period soak the parsley seeds in water for 12-24 hours before sowing.
  2. Well drained and moist with organic manure is best.
  3. Warm temperature is required.
  4. Provide strong light for the germination.
  5. While transplanting after 10 weeks maintain the spacing of 12-15” and the planting depth required is 1/4”.
  6. Provide regular watering for this herbal plant.                                                                                                    
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