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Papaya Desi Nanha Pusa - Open Pollination Seeds

Papaya Desi Nanha Pusa - Open Pollination Seeds

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What Will You Have In The Product?

Seed quantity - 50

Products Description:

Tree size - Medium

Fruit Shape - Oval to Rectangular

Fruit weight - 1-2 kg:

What Are  The Health Benefits Of Papaya?

  • Papaya shows good efect   against heart diseases.
  • Beacuse of presence of high level of antioxidants like vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E risk of heart disease get reduced. The antioxidants prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. 
  • These present antioxidants avoid the blockages beacuse of oxidation of cholesterol, which results in prevention of heart diseases
  • Papaya is a fibrous fruit which  lowers the cholestrol in the body.
  • Unhealthy food like Junk and fast food are the reason for many diseases beacuse of inflammation produced. So papaya fruit containing antioxidants helps to fight against the inflammatory producers

What Is The Best Time For Sowing Papaya Seeds for Terrace Gardening In India?  

For summer season papaya is sow in February-March

For monsoon season the sowing time is June-July

For winter season papaya is sown in October-November 

How To Grow Desi Papaya Nanha Pusa In Terrace Gardening In India.

  • Now it has become very easy to get good quality seeds without searching in local markets.
  • One can buy good quality seeds online, and can grow seed and plant in their terrace gardening in India or balcony garden in India.It is very easy to grow papaya seeds in pots in India In balcony garden or terrace garden where sufficient sunlight is available.

Procedure For Growing Papaya Fruit In Terrace Garden In India

  • Take a small size pots with hole at the bottom to  germinate the desi papaya seeds. Once the papaya seedlings grew transplanting of papaya can be fone in bigger pots.
  • It is very easy to grow papaya seeds in pots in India.
  • Fill the small size pots with potting mix
  • soil leaving some space of about 1-2 inches from the top. You can use your own garden soil with organic compost and sand  to fill the pots.
  • Now sow the papaya seeds on the surface of the filled  soil media and then provide a cover of soil not more than 10-12 cm with the same soil media.
  • Place the sown papa seeds in a bright light as they like sunlight for their healthy grow.
  • Watering the seeds sown should be done so that the soil media gets wet thoroughly but not becomes soggy by overwatering.
  • During  the germiantion time of papaya seeds keep the soil moist.The seedling of papaya will get ready  to transplant in 4-5 week.

What Should Be The Pot Size For Growing Papaya Fruit Plant in Terrace Gardening?

  • Adoptable size of pot for growing papaya seeds shoul be 18-22 inches in diameter and 16-20 inches deep grow bag size or pot size.

What Is The Correct Time For Transplanting of Papaya Plant?

  • While transplanting the papaya seeding the height of papaya seedling should be more than 10". Care should be taken not only single healthy papaya plant is planted. At least 4-5 healthy papaya seedling plant should be planted as only female papaya plant  in will give papaya fruit  after  pollination. The one way to recognise whether the plant is male of female is that female papaya will show single bud in the fist round of blooming but male plant will have several buds. But as both male and female papaya plant looks like same   they can't be distinguished based on their appearance.
  • While transplanting the papaya plant only single seedling should be transplanted in a single pot or grow bag.  And keep the soil moist.

What Is The harvesting Time of  Papaya Plant?

  • That fruit harvesting period of papaya plant will be 9-11 month after the transplanting of its seedling.

What Precautions taken  for Nanha Pusa Papaya plant in Terrace Gardening

  • Provide organic manure or compost at an interval of 14 days for good and fast growth
  • Papaya thrives good in Warmth. So always grow your papaya plant where it can receive good sunlight.
  • Cool temperature is not generally good for desi papaya plant nanha pusa variety.
  • Water the nanha pusa papaya plant for good productivity. Watering should be in good amount but not excessive as it can damage the desi papaya plant.
  • Provide paper cover to the fruit until it get ripped. This action will protect your papaya fruit from pests.
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Papaya Desi Nanha Pusa - Open Pollination Seeds


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