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Molucella Bells of Ireland-Seed

Molucella Bells of Ireland-Seed

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What Will You Have In Product ?

Quantity of seeds : 45 

Why to have Molucella in your garden ?

Moluccella Bells of Ireland is a beautiful annual plant that should be grown to increase your garden's beauty by its spikes of flower.

That other names of this unique beautiful green plant are Moluccella laevis, Molucca balmis, Shell flower.

It is considered to bring good luck.

This green plant  not only increase the beauty of your garden but also it's stem cutting can be used for decoration in any occasion or function.

Moluccella Bells have tiny white flower which is surrounded by the bell like shaped green foilage.

Procedure to sow Molucella Bells of Ireland Seeds:

  • Before  sowing molucella bells seeds place them in freezer so as to break their dormancy.
  • Time for sowing the moluccella bell of Ireland seeds  is after the last frost date
  • This beautiful green plant should be sown at a place where it can get full to partial sun. 
  • Soil should be loamy and well drained. If soil quality is not so good you can add natural compost Make sure that the soil should not be waterloged.
  • once the seeds of the moluccella Bells of Ireland are sown just provide them with a thin cover of compost as this plant seed enough light to germinate and for better growth.
  • Temperature required for the seeds should be at least 15 to 20°C.
  • Provide regular watering to the seeds sown of this beautiful green plant whenever required. Watering should be such that soil should be wet upto 1 inch depth.
  • Generally germination of the seeds takes place between 21-35 days according normal condition is maintained.







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