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Mint Seeds-(Pudina)

Mint Seeds-(Pudina)

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Seed quantity : 100

Why to have Mint (Pudina) in your home ?

Mint is a popular aromatic perennial herb which has different health benefits.

In hindi this herbal plant is also known as Pudina which has various applications is Ayurvedic treatment.

The antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties leadsto prevent dandruff, head lice.

This medicinal plant is used to treat acne, scar. 

The other various use of this herbal plant is in curing indigestion, weight loss, build immunity, relief in breastfeeding pain, asthama patients, skincare

The Culinary use it in chutney, jelly, ice-cream and curries. Especially for making mint juice and pudina thandai in summer season.

Besides using it as food product, mint oil is used as insectiside to prevent cockroaches and ants. It also act as room scent.

Mint is perennial herb. It should be grown near pools, ponds or at any moist spot with a partial shade.

Procedure to sow Mint (Pudina) Seeds:

  • Mint seeds can be sown in container and the garden soil with some preparations like adding organic manure.
  • Mix rich soil is best with organic manure.
  • Sow the Pudina seeds about a 1/4" deep.
  • Place the container in warm places.
  • It can be sown in full to partial sunlight.
  • Provide moderate watering but avoid over flooding.
  • Provision of cover over the sown mint seeds leads to fast germination and after the germination of seeds remove the cover.

Planting and caring:

If you want to sow  this health beneficiary plant during winter please sow two month before the first frost.

 Take care your mint plant from mealybugs and root rots if found.

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