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Mint Seeds-(Pudina)

Mint Seeds-(Pudina)

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What Will You Get In The Pack Of Mint Seeds?

Seed quantity : 200+

Why to have Mint (Pudina) in your home ?

Mint is a popular aromatic perennial herb which has different health benefits.

In hindi this herbal plant is also known as Pudina which has various applications is Ayurvedic treatment.

The antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties leadsto prevent dandruff, head lice.

This medicinal plant is used to treat acne, scar. 

The other various use of this herbal plant is in curing indigestion, weight loss, build immunity, relief in breastfeeding pain, asthama patients, skincare

The Culinary use it in chutney, jelly, ice-cream and curries. Especially for making mint juice and pudina thandai in summer season.

Besides using it as food product, mint oil is used as insectiside to prevent cockroaches and ants. It also act as room scent.

Mint is perennial herb. It should be grown near pools, ponds or at any moist spot with a partial shade.

Procedure to sow Mint (Pudina) Seeds:

i)How to do Mint gardeing on terrace garden in india or mint gardening in home balcony in India?
The answer of how to grow mint in home garden is very easy with some steps.Here step by step method is mentioned how mint plant is grown from seeds in pots and in garden soil also.

ii)In which location mint grows well?
For growing mint plants from seeds we should select a location where sufficient sunlight or partial shade.

iii)What Pot Size is required for growing mint plant in home?
Growing mint plant in balcony or for terrace garden the minimum pot it requires should be 12 inches deep or you can use any container like plastic buckets, old planstic bottles or anything else of size more than 2 inch depth for growing mint in your home.

There are different vairieties of mint but this is called pudina in hindi, others are spearmint, peppermint, chocolate mint, etc.

iv)Which type of soil is suitable for growing mint or pudina?

A loose well drained soil with pH ranges from 6.0 to 7.0. free from weeds is suitable for mint cultivation.

How Mint planting is done in India?
For planting mint can be done by planting seedlings or from buying fresh quality seeds from online stores.

For planting mint seedlings dig a hole slightly deeper than the roots of the mint seedlings so that the roots can be covered properly. But for mint plant from seeds, the soil should be loosed and the mint seeds are spread over the soil surface and a tin layer of soil is spread over the sown mint seeds.

v)How much water in mint plant is required? Consistently watering of mint plant is required during summer season when you get soil gets dry upto 2.5 cm .But during winter season avoid regular water as it will cause root rots of mint.

vi)What is mulching around a plant?
Provision of a organic mulch around a plant is called mulching. Mulching materials could be wood chips or straw. Mulch around a plant helps to maitain the soil temperature and moisture. It also helps to control the growth of weeds near the plant.

Planting and caring tips of mint plant/ How to do mint plant care ?

Note*: If you want to sow  this health beneficiary plant during winter please sow two month before the first frost.

The listed below are the tips for mint plants care.
i)Try to provide 4-6 hours of daily sunlight to mint plant.
ii)Overwatering of mint plant should be avoided as it may caise to root rots and fungal diseases.
iii) during extreme winter bring the mint plant pot inside the home with providing a mulch near the plant roots.
iv)Always prune the mint leaves to make it more bushier.
v)If you are seeing any pests on the mint plant spray a mixture of water and mild soap or neem oil on the plant to control over the pests.

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Customer Reviews

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Lal Krishna
Not satisfied with the quantity of seeed

the is very much less than i expected

Prabir Dey

Excellent service, is it possible to buy online specific seeds like stevia, Mint, Lettuce & some other medicinal plant seeds in bulk means initially to start with 50gm/100gm. The same can be repackaged with 20 Or atmost 50 seeds in a village near to a sub divitional town named Atambagh, Dost. Hooghly, west Bengal want to sell tht seeds after educating the people of that area regarding the usefulness of the seeds through leaflates Or creating a website regarding the same.
I am a central government officer retired as D. G. M from ITI Limited, Bangalore & setteled in Bangalore. But my home town is Arambagh having parental property inside our house campus itself with good quality of soil, plenty of organic manure like cowdang & plenty of irrigation water from shallow water inside our house. Very good transportation faculty as well despatched of ordered repackaged items.
I want to move from Bangalore to Arambagh & vice versa for every two months.
Please post your suggestion how to start the same & in what way your company will extend help.
In our area people are fully ignorant about Stevia, Mint, Lettuce etc. But the area is now very much developed even you can't find a mud house in all the Villages whereas 30 years back, the scenario was different, you can't found a pakka house beside mud house only.
I am having post Graduate degree in Electronics & Communications from Calcutta University in the year 1985.
I want to engage myself in such type of Activities as since my very childhood was very much interested to grow different of types of plants like Mango, Guava, Jackfruit and various types of Sabji & crops.
I will be very much oblidged if can explain everything in details.
Prabir kumar dey


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