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Marigold Double Dwarf Orange-Seed

Marigold Double Dwarf Orange-Seed

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What Will You Have In Product ?

Quantity of seeds : 75+

Why to have Marigold Double Dwarf Orange Seeds ?

This beautiful flower have many health benefits apart from it's beauty which is used for decoration for your home ,offices and your special places.

This can be grown easily without too much effort as they are less affected from by diseases and insects and pests.

Those who know the advantages of marigold flower petals use them as eyewash.

Marigold flower is also used for treating burns, and rashes swelling.

This medicinal value flower can be used in headache, toothache, sensitivity.

Apart from the above there are many more other advantages of this herbal flower a s in skin treatment as this flower has anti- aging effects.

Note: Take a consult  to your health practitioner before use  as some people may have allergy can use for  your garden beauty only but not for any health treatment.

Procedure To Sow Marigold Double Dwarf Orange Seeds:

Tips before sowing:

  • It is better to sow marigold flower from seeds rather than plant because it is economical to grow from seeds than from plants only it will take some more time to have flowering.
  • You can sow the seeds directly outside where you want to place your marigold flower seeds.
  • But if  you want you can sow the seed indoor also and once the germination of seeds happened you can then transplant the seedlings outside.
  • If you want your marigold flower in pots you can do also but the thing is that appropriate distance you have to maintain for the plants ,so that they can get good amount of sunlight.
    1. For good growth well grained soil is required mixed with some amount of organic manure.
    2. Marigold flower require good amount of sunlight so try to make available full sunlight  for you this beautiful flower.If you are going to germinate your seed in seedling tray, fill the tray with potting mix soil .
    3. Sow only 2-3 seeds in each division of the seedling tray.
    4. Provide a thin layer of the the soil over the seeds, don't sow the seeds so deeply.
    5. Apply watering to the sown seeds with a sprayer so that the soil can get moist only but not become over flooded.
    6. Once the seeds germinated and get a height of about 6 inch transplant the plant in your garden bed at a distance of 2-3 feet so that marigold plant can get enough sunlight for good flowering.
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    Santokh Singh

    One kg merigold flower seeds


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