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Lettuce Lollorossa Seed-(Open Pollinated)

Lettuce Lollorossa Seed-(Open Pollinated)

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What Will You Have In The Product?

Seeds quantity-300 (approx).

Why to have Lettuce Lollorossa in your garden ?.

  • Lettuce lollorosa is a leafy vegetable which is green in the center and has deep red-maroom colour around the corners of the leaves.
  • The taste of this leafy vegetable is sweet, slightly bitter, and nutty flavor.
  • Not only the leaves but its stems are used also used in various varieties of food items such as salads, wraps, etc.
  • The various benefits of lettuce are it can fulfill various requirements of vitamines and minerals.
  • This healthy vegetable contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C which boost our immunity system.
  • Maintain good eye vision
  • Improves digestive system
  • Improves capability of body to fight against cancer.
  • Controls diabetes problems.

Note*:- Expect harvesting of this healthy vegetable 30-70 days after transplantation.( Harvesting duration may depend on  various factors like weather condition of area, method of growing, fertilization etc).

Procedure to sow Lettuce Lollorossa:

  • The best season to sow the lettuce is February to April and September to November.
  • You can plant the lettuce in any season,if you are going to grow in spring or fall make sure the sunlight should reach to the place where you want to grow lettuce lollorossa.
  • For summer sowing Lettuce seeds should be protected from harsh sunlight with a shade.
  • This green leafy vegetable seeds grows well in loamy and well drained soil. One should prepare the soil by adding compost or  manure 1week prior to the sowing of lettuce lollorossa seeds.
  • After soil preparation sow the seeds 1/4 inch deep form the soil surface. At a suitable distance of 6-12 inch apart and row distance should be 11-24inch.
  • Growers can  soe the seeds indoors and later they can transplant the seedlings.
  • Provide regular watering  in controlled manner but not such a way that the soil may get waterlogged.

Planting and caring:

  • Provide regular watering to this healthy vegetable Lettuce Lollorossa plant during summer.
  • Don't overwater to this lettuce lollorossa plant as there may be the chance of root rotting problem.
  • Protect your lettuce lollorossa from the pests like Aphids and Slugs as the can destroy this leafy vegetable lettuce in short time. 
  • Diseases like white mold may decrease the productivity of you lettuce lollorossa. You can identify this disease when you see discolouring and wilting of the stems.
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