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Lemon Basil Seeds

Lemon Basil Seeds

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Quantity of seeds :  100 (Approx).

Procedure to sow Lemon Basil Seeds:

  1. Soil used for sowing the lemon basil should be well drained to have good and healthy plant.
  2. If you are going to grow this herbal plant in pot which should be provided with hole to have good drainage.
  3. Fill the container with the well drained soil about more than half of the container but not up to the full height.
  4. Provide some moisture to the soil but don’t forget to use a tray like thing so that the water coming out from the pot will not spread.
  5. Now spread the lemon basil seeds (6-8 approximately) on the top surface of the soil prepared and apply a thin layer of soil(0.25 inches)above the seeds so that the lemon basil seeds could be covered properly.
  6. Again spray less amount of water on the soil to get it moist only but not soggy.
  7. If possible cover the seed with a thin plastic and then place the pot at such place where it can get sunlight for at least 6 hours (window sill) and if you don’t have such provision you can place the pot near the artificial fluorescent light.
  8. Expect germination after 5-10 days but germination may depend on the soil temperature and moisture taking by the seeds.

Caring for the lemon basil

  1. Watering should be done properly.
  2. Provide suitable amount of sunlight for 6 hours if no possible then add artificial fluorescent light for fast grow




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Krishnasamy Shunmuganathan

Please can you send me, how to cultivation methods and giving water.


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