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Kaunch/Kavach Seeds -Open Pollinated

Kaunch/Kavach Seeds -Open Pollinated

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What Will You Have In Kavach Seed Pack?

Seeds quantity - 10 Seeds

Different Names of Kawach seeds In Indian language:

Velvet bean, Cowhage, Itchy Bean, mucuna, buffalo bean, kawai, cowitch, kratzbohnen, Bengal bean, nescafe, sea beans, true sea-bean, aatmaguptaa, Kapikachhu, konchh, Duradagondi poonaikkaali or Poonaikali, Amundari, Arugrattam, Kozhiava, Alkoshi, Alkusa and Bichchoti, Kivanch,Kavatch , Kandchan, Kawach, kinvach, kaunch beej, kiwach Kawachha, Kanchkur, Nasugunni, Alokushi, Morkotmado, Nasugunni, Naikorna, Gunchgali

About kaunch beej benefits:

Scientific name of kaunch beej is munuca pruriens. In hindi it is also called kaunch beej or konch k beej. Sometimes it is mentioned as magic velvet beans. This seed is a good source of protein and holds many herbal values and  medicinal values.

There are various herbal benefits or medicinal benefits of kaunch beej. How kaunch beej benefits you?

  • Kaunch beej holds aphrodisiac property  and because of this  kaunch seeds property it increases sexual desire in male and also increases the quantity and quality of semen(sperm).
  • Kaunch beej could be a effective way to prevent breast cancer for females.
  • It also control arthitis problem.
  • Benefits of kaunj beej can also be for diabetic person.But one should take consult before using this to cure diabetes problems.
  • Obesity is another commom problem for most of peoples. But adding konch in your diet can solve this problem also.
  • Konch beej is a good measure to manage parkinson's disease(In parkinson's  one's nerve cell get damage in brain which leads to the drop of dopamine level).

How can you consume kaunch in most effective way?

The best way of consuming is by adding kaunch seeds powder in a glass of warm milk.

How Seed and Plant Customers Should Sow Kaunch/Konch Beej In India?

  • Place the Kawach or Kinvach medicinal beans seeds 1inch under the soil. 
  • The seeds usually germinate in 4 to 5 days. 
  • The kawach beans grow into creeper type so a place for its support must be provided on creeper net or on ground. 
  • The plant take a bit longer to fruit. But it worth wait. 
  • Ideal season for sowing kawach beans from seeds is start of rainy season. 

It is sown two seeds at one place is sufficient for your need if you want just for home. As though it fruit late but fruit in abundance once it start. 

How To Coock Kaunch/Konchh  vegetables?

  • The Kawach beans after plucking is boiled first.
  • Then it is peeled. After peeling just fry it to make gravy style vegetable. 
  • This beans has a unique taste and a must try. 

NOTE1: Planting should be done in spacious areas. The kawach is creeper type and require space. It can be transplanted also once grow up to 5inches. Fruiting takes a bit late. 

NOTE2: Please consult to your doctor before any use of medical conditions.

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