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Gypsophila White-Seed

Gypsophila White-Seed

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What will you have in the product?

No.of Seeds=200+

What to know about your beautiful flower Gypsophila plant?

Other name of the Gypsophila plant is Baby's Earth.

Procedure For Sowing Gypsophila White-Seed?

Tips* :- Time to sow Gypsophila White-Seed is from September to October for winter flowering and from March to April. 

Maintain 7" distance between the two successive Gypsophila plant after Transplantation if you have used seedling tray to germinate the seeds.

  • Soil requirement for Gypsophila is well drained and warm  such as sandy soil.  Sowing this flower seed in wet soil will give no results to you. Warm soil provide good flourishing of this beautiful flower plant. Gypsophila plant grows well in soil having very low nutrients.
  • Interesting fact of the Gypsophila seeds is that it can't grow in soil enriched with high amount of nutrients as other beautiful flowers grow.
  • Sunlight provision to the Gypsophila should be partial.
  • Sow the Gypsophila flower seeds in the soil of type that has been mentioned above.
  • Provide a thin cover of soil above the seeds sown.
  • Then provide limited watering so the soil can get moist only.
  • Make sure if you have sown the seeds in a seedling tray or propagator tray place the seedling tray or propagate tray in a bright and warm place as it will create a good environment  for the sown gypsophila seeds to germinate.
  • Once the seedlings obtained with having 3-4 leaves its the time tgat you can transplant the young plant into your pot or directly to the ground where you want to see the Gypsophila plants to bloom.



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