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Desi Green Sponge Gourd Dark Green - Open Pollination Seeds

Desi Green Sponge Gourd Dark Green - Open Pollination Seeds

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What Will You Have In The Product?

Seeds quantity : 20

Different Names Of Sponge Gourd In India:

  • Luffa aegyptiaca, Luffa cylindricaLuffa, Loofah Gourd, Dishcloth gourd, Neyangnattakolu, Ghia, Torai, Palo, Aibhi, Thuppada Heere
  • Growing season: after the last frost or early of the spring(February-March).But it depends on the climate of the area .Sponge gourd seeds can be sown throughout the year but the minimum soil temperature should be 21°C.

Best Time to Sow Sponge Gourd Seeds In India:

The suitable month for sowing sponge gourd seeds in different parts of India are like 

  • For nothern part of India : From last March to early April.
  • For southern part of India: From Mid of February to Mid of March. 
  • For Western Part of India: Sponge gourd seeds are best soen from Last of February to Middle of March.
  • For Central Part of India: From Last of March  to Mid Of April results better time for the germination of luffa seeds. 
  • For Eastern Part of India : Sow the seeds from Middle of March to Early of April when the temperature becomes warm for good germination of Loofah vegetbable.

Information About Sponge Gourd:

  • Sponge gourd plant is a climber plant. Sponge gourd fruit is a cylindrical shaped vegetable with length 1-2feet. This product is a desi sponge gourd with dark green skin color.
  • The outer suface of sponge gourd or turai is rough with dark and light green cover. But the inner part is soft white fleshy fiberous. Like ridgegourd the outer surface of sponge gourd is not generally peeled off.
  • Sponge gourd contains vigorous amount of low calories and it proves to be a adequate amount of dietry fiber, mineral and plenty amount of vitamin C. Apart from this vitamines A, Vitamine B and Vitamine E, calcium, potassium and iron are also contained in sponge gourd vegetable.

What Are The Culinary Use Of Sponge Gourd Vegetable?

  • Pickles can also be made from luffah and can have the crunchy and tansty taster of it with other meals.
  • Sponge gourd can be used in stir type dishes (stirr dishes are those which are quickly cooked in very less amount of oil). Along with other vegetables and ingredients the crunchy texture of luffah in stir tyle dishes adds a different and nice flavor.
  • Pakoras made from sponge gourd is a good and unique snacks with tea you can have in envening.
  • Small pieces of sponge gourd can be added in soup and stew dishes to add the flavours. 
  • Making bhaji from Luffa and enjoying with chapatti is commonly known culinary use to all.

What Are The Medicinal Use Of Luffah or Sponge Gourd?

  • Looking to the beneifts of sponge gourd from medical point of view. We have many point to dicuss like it helps to reduce inflammation in the body.
  • The problems of artheritis and joint pain in the body can be reduced by adding spinge gourd in the diet. 
  • The content of antioxidents like flavonoids and phenolic compounds helps to balance the radical which are harmful to our body.
  • As this medicinal vegetable is composition of fleshy and spongy things which is very rich in fiber which is s good source to prevent digestive issues. The one who have digestion issue adding luffa in the regular diet can help to fuel up in digestion process.
  • Sponge gourd heps to maintain the overall health.
  • Beacuse of spongy nature and absorbing property it can be used as a natural bandage which helps in healing wounds.
  • Sponge of the luffa can be used as  natural skin scrubber while bathing.

What Is The Process of Sowing Sponge Gourd Seeds In India?

  • Selection of place for sowing sponge gourd seeds in India: Before sowing seeds one should choose a good and suitable place where it can be grown. Select such sunny place where sunlight is easily available. 
  • What shoud be the size of grow bag for sponge gourd plant? If you are growing sponge gourd on terrace in a growbag.The size of grow bag for growing sponge gourd or terrace should be of 12 inch as height 18 inch width.
  • Type of soil for growing sponge gourd: Prepapre your garden soil media by loosing 8-10 inches deeep and adding natural fertilizers if possible. For grow bag fill it with the prepared soil media. 
  • Process prior to be done before sowing the  lufaah seeds: It is better to soak the sponge gourd seeds in water for 24 hours prior to sowing. This will break the domancy of the hardness and will help the germination process fast for the seeds.
  • How to sow the sponge gourd seed in soil? Sow the seeds by making hole of 1 inch. At least 3-4 seeds should be sown for having more number of germination and cover the seeds with thin layer of soil media.Repeat this process for another sponge gourds seeds sowing but make sure the hole distance should be 1-2 feet apart from each other. Thicken the rest of seedlings which are weak except the healthy seeding.
  • Water requirement for loofah plant?Water the sown seeds properly but not overwater it. Always keep the soil moist till germination and the seedlings out and reach upto 4 inches watering should be done as per the requirement.
  • For sponge gourd plant which falls in a climber plant category so provision if vertical support should be made so that they can climb and grow easily. This leads to more loofah fruits. 

Harvesting Time Of Sponge Gourd/ Loofah/ Luffa

  • You can enjoy sponge gourd harvest in 70-90 days when the fruit lenght gains 12-18 inches.

Planting and caring of Sponge Gourd Plants:

  • How to care your dponge gourd seeds? Its very Important to know about this question  not only for spomge gourd plant but for the plant which you are going to harvest. 
  • It will give good and healthy germination of lufa  plant from its seeds if you add fertilizer or organic compost to the soil while sowing seeds. The proportion of fertilizer should not be more otherwise it may harm the sponge gourd.



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