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Desi-Bottle Gourd (Lauki)-Long Variety Seeds- (Open Pollinated)

Desi-Bottle Gourd (Lauki)-Long Variety Seeds- (Open Pollinated)

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What Will You Have In The Pack Of Long Desi Bottle Gourd pack:

Seeds quantity-10

Different names of Long Desi Bottle gourd In India:

  • White-flowered gourd, long melon, New Guinea bean and Tasmania bean, Bottle Gourd,Sorekai / Chorakkai, Chorakaa, Sorakaya / Anapa Kaya, Sorekai / Esugai Balli / Halu Gumbala, Ghia / Lauki,  Louki, Lau, Dudhi, Gardudde / Boblen, Pandharabhopla / Dudya Bhopal, Lau, Ghia Da Sag,TuraeZeeth

Best time for sowing Desi Long Bottle Gourd Seed-Long Desi Lauki Seed In India:

  • For summer vegetables crop:-Sow the desi long bottle gourd seeds in India or long desi lauki seeds in India between January-March
  • For monsoon vegetables crop:- Sow the long desi bottle gourd seeds in India or  long desi lauki seeds in India  between June-July in plains and March-June in hills.

Harvesting Time Of Desi Louki Open Pollination or Desi Bottle Gourd Open Pollination:

  • It differs with respect to the summer vegetables season and winter vegetable season but the general duration of harvesting bottle gourd  open pollination or louki vegetable is 60-70 days after sowing.
  • Harvesting time of bottle gourd pollination may also be 50-60 days depending on the varieties of the louki.

Soil Requirement For Long Desi  Seeds Bottle Gourd Terrace Gardening In India:

  • Long desi seeds Bottle Gourd terrace gardening in India can be grown in many type of soil but the best soil suits for its growth is  sandy loamy soils with a good drainage system.
  •  For the summer vegetables terrace gardening you can make your own potting mix soil keeping the proportion like 40% soil 30% sand  and 30% vermi-compost.
  • This will perform a good type of soil for growing long desi seeds bottle gourd vegetable in terrace garden in India.

pH Of Soil For Planting Bottle Gourd Seeds:

  • For growing bottle gourd in your Veggie garden the normal pH range  of soil should vary from 6.5- 7.5. Planting Bottle Gourd in this pH range will help to get good crop. 

Sunlight Requirements For Germination Of Bottle Gourd:

  • Direct full sunlight is better for bottle gourd plant as this healthy vegetables loves sunlight. 

Pot Size Required For Planting Bottle Gourd For Terrace Garden:

  • As the roots of bottle gourd  goes somewhat deep so bigger size of pot is required to grow them. 
  • This vegetable can be grown from dribbling method and from transplanting method also so for  getting seedlings you can use som other small size pot. But for growing  to get the fruit of bottle gourd open pollination seeds big size of 24*24 inches pot or grow bags is required.

Prior to sowing of Long bottle Gourd Desi Seeds Open Pollination:

  • Before sowing the seed soak the seeds in normal water for 24 hours. This should be done as a prior work to  get faster germination for long  bottle gourd desi seed open pollination.

Sowing Process of Open Pollination desi bottle gourd seeds long

  • Now sow  2-3 desi bottle gourd seeds long seed 1-2 inches below the top of soil surface  the filled potting mix soil. Then provide a  growing media cover above the sown seeds.
  • Properly moisten the soil with water but avoid over watering.
  • Apply water to the desi bottle gourd plant when you feel that soil has been dried.
  • Generally in every 1-2 days watering should be done  for bottle gourd in summer season
  • In winter less water is provided when the plants need as over water may cause harm to the bottle gourd plant.

Germination Time Of Long Bottle Gourd Desi Seed:

  • Long Bottle gourd desi seed takes 10-14 days to germinate.

Right Transplanting Time of Long Desi  Bottle Gourd/ Long Desi Lauki/Lond Desi Louki:

  • When the Desi lounki plant reach up to a height of 5-6 inches or when the plant acquires 4-5 leaves. It is the correct time to transplant the healthy plant of Long desi bottle gourd
  • Some techniques and rules to be kept in mind while transplanting desi long healthy bottle gourd plant. If there is any week desi bottle gourd plant remove it  by cutting at the bottom. Then take out the healthy plants carefully so that the bottle gourd plant's root should not be damaged or cut.
  • 1.5-2 meters of spacing should be provided  between two bottle gourd plant and row spacing should be 1-2 meters.
  • Cut the growing tip of main vine when it is 6-8 feet long, this  provide good strength and support to the other bottle gourd plant's branches.

Precautions And Caring Of Desi Long  Bottle Gourd Plant:

  • Transplanting time for desi long bottle gourd plant should be  when the the last frost season is over or  in the late spring season.
  •  Requirement of water for desi long bottle gourd plant is more so provide good amount of water regularly as per requirement but don't over water it.
  • Provide organic fertilizer for desi long bottle gourd plant as per requirement for good growth.


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