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Cleome Spinosa Mix- Open Pollination Seeds

Cleome Spinosa Mix- Open Pollination Seeds

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Quantity of seeds=70-75 (approx).

Procedure To Sow Cleome Spinosa Flower Seed:

  • Soil should be loamy and porous enriched with organic matter, in case if such soil is not available you can make your own porous and rich soil by adding some organic manure to your soil.
  • It is better to sow the seeds in a seedling tray and then transplant the seedlings after germiation to the pots or to the ground.
  • Fill the seedling tray with well grained soil mixed with compost or organic manure.
  • Water the soil so that it get moist properly.
  • Now place cleome spinosa flower seed over the soil surface. 
  • Cover this beautiful flower seeds with soil.
  • Once the seedlings get 3 sets of leaves it means it is ready to transplant in different pots and if you are going to transplant directly into the ground please keep a distance of 1-3 feet between the two respective cleome spinosa flower plant. 
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