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Celosia Plumosa Lilliput -Hybrid Seeds

Celosia Plumosa Lilliput -Hybrid Seeds

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What Will You Have In The Pack of Summer flower Celosia Plumosa Lilliput Hybrid Mix Seed?

Seed quantity- 20.

How To Grow Celosia Plumosa Lilliput Hybrid Mix Seeds?

  • Favourable time of sowing this summer flower seeds of celosia plumosa lilliput hybrid mix seeds is during spring season when the temperature remains 20-30°C.
  • First loose the soil where you want to sow the summer flower seeds celosia plumosa lilliput hybrid mix  and remove all the present weeds.
  • Provide some organic manure with the soil as this will provide nutrients to the summer flower plant celosis for its good growth.
  • It is better to make seedling first in a seedling tray and then transplant the celosia flower seedling  to you desired place of lawn and garden or  celosia can be blooomed in balcony also.
  • Fill the seedling tray with potting soil more than half of the depth of the tray nearly 3/4 portion. 
  • Then water the filled soil media for celosia flower growing. It is always better to provide watering through a sprayer bottle so that uniform water can be done without displacing the soil. 
  • Now sow 2-3 seeds of summer flower celosia lilliput in each section of the seedling tray. Provide thin layer of your soil media over the sown summer flower seeds.
  • Provide water to get the soil moist only but not be over flooded.

Planting and Caring of Celosia Plumosa Lilliput Hybrid Mix Seeds:

  • Remove the surrounding weeds of flower celosia plumosa lilliput hybrid mix plant
  • Provide water when it is required.when the plant is at young stage use sprayer for watering.
  • There should be enough light for good growth of celosia seeds.






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