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Broccoli - Open pollination Seeds

Broccoli - Open pollination Seeds

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Seeds quantity-40

How To Sow Broccoli Seeds In Your Terrace Garden ?

  • Prepare the pottting mix soil by adding cocopeat organic manure or organic compost and fine sand  or perlite in a specific proportionate.
  • You can sow the seeds in small pots and seedling tray also to get the seedlings or your can sow the broccoli seeds in to the ground also.
  • At leasr pot size should be minimum of 6". Fill the pot with your poting mix soil the simply press the soil with your fingers.
  • Sow the good quality broccoli seeds at a depth of 1/2 inch to 1/4 inch.
  • Then after cover the sown broccoli seeds with the prepared potting mix soil and again simply press the  soil .
  • Provide adequate amount of water by sprayer bottle, so that the water don't be overflooded.
  • You will get the germiantion between 7-10 Days.
  • Generally after 19 days the germinated seedling can be transplanted where you want to grow your Broccoli seedlings.


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Yamini Boravke
Seeds nice quality

Seeds r nice quality


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