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Bitter Gourd-Short Green - Hybrid Seeds

Bitter Gourd-Short Green - Hybrid Seeds

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Seed quantity- 5

Best time for sowing:  

For summer crop: January-March 

For monsoon crop: June-July in plains and March-June in hills

Other namesKarela, karli, paval and kakara.

Soil Conditions: 

  • Soil condition required for the  having good fruits of bitter gourd should be well draining and rich in organic manure or compost. 
  • You can make your own potting mix soil keeping the proportion like 40% soil 30% sand  and 30% vermi compost.
  • But this vegetable can be grown in any soil having good drainage.


PH Of Soil:

  • Best PH range  of soil should vary from 5.5- 6.7.

Pot size:

  • As this vegetable can be grown by transplanting or dribbling method, so you can use directly  big size of 24*24* inch grow bag or pot or first you can prepare your seedling in small size pot and then you can transplant that into a big size pot or grow bags.

Temperature Requirement:

  • Temperature requirement for growing bitter gourd vegetable should be be from 2O°C - 35°C 

Sunlight Requirements:

  • 6-8 hours if direct sunlight is better for bitter gourd plant.

Prior to sowing:

  • Before sowing the seed soak the seeds in normal water for 24 hours it will lead faster germination go bitter gourd seed.

Sowing Process:

  • Now sow  the bitter gourd  seed into the filled potting mix soil. Then provide a thin soil cover above the sown seeds.
  • Provide water with spray bottel to fully wet the soil but be carefull don't over water soil so the the seeds may get displaced by their sowing position.
  • Apply water when you feel that soil has been dried.

Germination Time:

  • Bitter gourd seed takes 8-10 days to germinate.

Transplanting Time:

  • Transplant of bitter gourd should be done when plant gains the  height of 5 - 6  inches and has gain more thar 4-5 sets of leaves.

Precautions and Caring of bitter gourd:

  • Make sure to provide holes in you pot or grow bag if they don't have.
  • 6-8 hours sunlight is necessary.
  • Watering should be done properly.
  • While transplanting the plant take the surrounding soil attached with the plant, don't pull out the plant only from the soil to transplant in another pot or grow bag.
  • Use organic compost or manure once in a month during growing period to maintain soil richness.


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