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Asiatic Lily White Flower- 3 Bulb

Asiatic Lily White Flower- 3 Bulb

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Asiatic Lily White Flower Pack Contains:

Bulb Quantity - 3

Planting Tips  of Asiatic Lily White Flower Bulb:

It is very basic and common question for the new gardeners who are interested in gardening but unaware  from the question like how to plant bulbs in soil and where to plant the winter flower bulbs what are the climatic conditions to plant the bulbs in India. For all these queries of customers  the answers  is here.

Size of pot for asiatic lily white colored bulb:  For planting asiatic lily flower bulb take pot size vary from medium to large (12-20 inches). Benefits of using large sized pots is that gardener can  plant 2-3 bulb  at a time in same pot.

Provide good drainage to pots: For good drainage you can place a pot shard or clay marble in inside bottom of the pot.

How to prepare your soil media:Prepare your  well drained and loose loamy soil media for planting your beautiful flower bulb.  If you don't have such soil add  some amount of sand and organic manure like vermicompost to your existing natural soil media.

Fill this prepared soil partially in you selected pot and lightly press the soil just to make the soil level.

How to plant Asiatic White Lily Bulb in soil: Now press the bulb lightly into the soil and. But please keep in mind to place the bulb flatter side  towards the face of the pot wall.

Now fill your soil media into the pot to cover the tips of the bulb.

Provide water in such a manner it should not get logged in the pot. Keep the soil moist as per the flower requirement.



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