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Artichoke -Open Pollination Seeds

Artichoke -Open Pollination Seeds

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Seed quantity- 16

Artichoke bud before blooming as a flower can be used as edible item.

Plant growth  1.4–2 m tall, with arching.

The season preffered for the best sown for Artichoke seeds should be late winter or before spring season  when the tempeature get rises( the month of early january  to the middle of march).

Procedure to grow:

1. Soil for artichoke seeds required should be rich in fertility and also moist.

2.Provide Compost of at least 6 inch compost in the soil where you want to grow this artichoke.

3. Sow  each seed in a separate pot of at least 4 inch.

4. After that place the sown seeds place then indoor and do cover with a plastic to get good and fast germination, under normal temperature expect germination within a week.

5. Shift the artichoke to outdoor 4-6 weeks before the  last frost of winter.

6. Transpalnt your artichoke late in winter or early in spring You can harvest it in late summer.

7. While transplanting add organic compost or any manure  and maintain a  distance of 3 feet between the two consecutive artichokes plant. 

8. Provide water as per their requirement.

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