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Adenium Flowers Mix Variety- Hybrid Seeds

Adenium Flowers Mix Variety- Hybrid Seeds

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What Will You Have in Adenium Flowers Hybrid Seeds Mix Variety?

Quantity- 3 Seeds Only

Why to have Adenium Plant in your home and garden?

Adenium plant is also called as Desert Rose plant.

This beautiful Desert Rose plant (Adenium plant) is commonly used for making bonsai.

It comes in many varieties  and colours. One of which Adenium Obesum is the common variety.

How To Sow Adenium Plant Seeds?

Note * Best time for sowing Adenium seeds is spring, but  this plant can also he sown in winter also  only proper condition you have to maintain like temperature and light during winter season.

  • Keep the adenium Seeds- in slightly warm water for 1-4 hours.
  • It is better to soak the seeds at night if you are planning to sow the seeds in the next morning.
  • Prepare a good potting mix soil medium. You can use coco peat, fine sand, organic manure like vermicompost for having a good potting mix soil for growing your desert rose.
  • Fill the potting mix soil in a seedling tray.
  • Place the seedling exotic flower seed horizontally on the soil surface. ( Remember that the adenium seed should not be pressed deeply into the soil).
  • Now apply very thin cover of potting mix soil over the adenium seeds(not exceed to 0.2 inches).
  • Apply water properly  to  your beautiful Adenium plant seed with a water sprayer bottle so that seed could not be uncovered.
  • Apply a white plastic cover over the pot if you have sown it in a pot. Thus helps to maintain a good amount of moisture throughout the germination process.
  • Remember to remove the covered plastic daily to uncover  the seeds  so that they can get fresh air for good
  • germination.
  • If soil gets dry you should  apply water with the spray.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

2 seeds germinated

Out of 2 seed 1 grew. But Happy.

Out of 2 seed 1 grew. But Happy. Not sure of what color it is. I sow seeds in the begining of June'23 and kept is shade. Potting mix was sand and some cocopeat. Instruction on sowing should be mentioned on the pack. some packet have this and most of them was missing which i purchased from here.

Ravaldeep Singh
Adenium seed

I received 3 seed , only 2 seed grow

Excellent seeds

Adenium ke 3 seeds he acche se grow kar gaye😊Thanks seedsandplant💝


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