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Orange Capsicum Seeds (Open Pollinated)

Orange Capsicum Seeds (Open Pollinated)

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Why to have Orange Capsicum Seeds in your home ?

Capsicum is also called as bell pepper (Capsicum annuum), sweet pepper.

This vegetable capsicum comes with different colors like greeen ,yellow, red , purple.

It contains low fat so it is beneficiary from health point of view also.

It has medicinal properties properties and is found as a good source of carotenoids like beta-cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin and lutein and various vitamines, minerals and nutrients.

Some health benifits of having capsicum are that it lowers the heart diseases risk because of folate and vitamin B6 containing.

If anyone is overweighted and want to lose weight  then adding capsicum vegetable in  food will help to lose weight and make fit.

As it is antioxident and contains anti-inflammatory nutrients  helps to reduce the chances of various types of cancer.

Some other benifits of eating capsicum in your diet are that it builds your immunity, maintain the iron deficiency, make your hair long and shiny and also improves skin health.

So having different capsicum  in your diet fulfill your all above benifits hence seed and plant provides different capsicum seeds in one pack so that you can get all varieties in one pack.

Procedure To Sow Orange Capsicum Seeds:

  1. Sowing and growing Capsicum or Bell Pepper indoor is much easier than in outside.  Before sowing into the soil place the capsicum seeds in warm water untill the seeds get settle down. As this makes the germination fast after sowing. 
  2. Take the seeds outside from water and prepare the soil in which you want to sow the orange capsicum seeds.
  3. Now filll the tray with soil prepared (The soil should be loose well drained and addedd with organic manure).
  4. Place each  capsicum seeds at 1/4 inch deep in the each section of the  seedling tray from the soil surface and cover the seeds with soil.
  5. Now place the seedling tray at a warm place such as wndow sill so that  it can get sunlight.
  6. Now water the sown seeds so that the soil can get moist only but not become soggy and continue to apply medium water whenever it is required.
  7. After germination of seeds  when they get two sets of leaves it means its time to transplant the plant in a  grower bag or pot filled with rich  well drained soil mixed with organic manure.

Planting and Caring of Capsicum Plant:

  • While transplanting the plants maintain a distance of at least 2 inch between the two plants.
  • Don't overwater as it may cause rotting of the roots. 
  • Try to maintain the warm temperature  of 70-80 degree Fahrenheit.
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