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Cow Peas - Open Pollination Seeds

Cow Peas - Open Pollination Seeds

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What You Will Get In The Pack Of Green CowPea?

Seeds quantity : 55+

Other Names Of Cow Pea In India:

Cow Pea has some other names throughout the India such as Lobia, Black eyed pea, Barbati, Boro, Bodi.

Some Facts About Lobia:

Cowpea comes in different colors like red,white,green, purple.

Uses of Green cowpea is in food, forage, green manure and vegetable.

Nutritions values contained in the Cowpea are Protein - 22 - 24%,Carbohydrate - 55 - 66 %,Iron -0.005%,Calcium - 0.08 – 0.11 %, Essential amino acids (lysine, leucine and phenylalanine)


How To Sow Cow Peas Seeds (Open Pollinated)?

The black eyed beans or green long beans also called cowpea or lobia is grown by sowing it 1 to 1.5 inch deep and 4 inch apart but depends if bush or vine. 

The soil should be moist while sowing and watered when soil is about to dry during germination or maturity time. 

It is sensitive to cold and yield is adversely affected below 15°C temperature.

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